Pastor Larry L. Green

Biological Sketch
Larry Larrice Green BA. MA. CPE, Marriage Officer, Pastor, Youth Mentor, Inspirational Speaker, Doctoral Candidate 
His MissionLarry Larrice Green exists to be a conduit in God's hands to enrich each life spiritually, socially, mentally, and intellectually. 
His BirthLarry L. Green, the son of Mr. Augustas Green and Mrs. Gloria Lewin, experiences the joy of being a twin. He has six brothers and nine sisters. He came from a humble beginning in the lush green paradise called Jamaica. 
His Conversion In 1991, at the age of seven (7), Pastor Green accepted Jesus and was baptized.  
His Family Larry is married to Schkara Hepburn. God blessed them with the joy of their life: their daughters, Karelle Larrysa Lavern, Kabrielle, Benita Collette, and their son, Kemuel Larry Larrice.

His Education and Call
He Graduated in 2008 with honor from Northern Caribbean University, Mandeville Jamaica, with a Bachelor of Arts in Religion. In May 2018, Larry graduated Summa Cum Laude with the Masters of Arts in Pastoral Theology at the Antillean Adventist University in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. He is a train Clinical Chaplain with three units with the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Chaplaincy Institute.

Currently, Larry is a student in the Doctor of Ministry Program with the Andrews University with a concentration in Intergenerational Church.

His Ministerial Service
Larry currently serves as a pastor in the South Bahamas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (SBC). His pastoral responsibilities are the Adelaide (English) and Bethel (French) church family. As a disciple, he serves God through many of the Church ministries, mainly: Adventist Youth and club ministries (Pathfinders, and Adventurers).

Wider Service
Pastor Green is deeply involved in a broad spectrum of a community-related developmental program, including youth mentorship, youth at risk counseling, prison, hospital, and school chaplaincy program. He is the creator and CEO of the Zoom Hope Live ministry -which has a weekly intergenerational discussion show live stream on Facebook and YouTube with a focus on infusing hope in varied contexts. His ministry has lead him to be involved in a plethora of local and international speaking and missionary endeavors.

His Passion and Disposition
Larry believes that selfishness should never be a part of the Christian experience; his number one request is for you to pray for him as he continues to experience the joy of being a SLAVE for Jesus.

Larry's Family Photos